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Did you know?...
Did you know.....
  • Stress is a response to feeling threatened
  • A little stress can make us more focused and help us to think quicker
  • Some stress can be good but too much makes us ill
  • Sometimes stress comes from being in a situation you can't change.

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LonelyWhat is stress?

Everyone gets stressed from time to time, but if we get stressed for too long it can really begin to affect both our minds and our bodies.

A little bit of stress can be helpful. Being worried about a job interview or an exam can give some people that extra burst of energy and concentration to do really well. Too much stress can make you feel unhappy and unwell.

The main symptoms of stress are:

Anger or snappiness
Crying or shouting
Depression or anxiety.

Constipation or diarrhoea
Chest pains or palpitations
Dizziness or sweating
Increased smoking/nail biting

What causes stress?

The way that most people deal with pressure largely depends on their temperament and the beliefs they hold about themselves. People who like to please others or to succeed at all costs may be less able to deal with stress.

Stress is often caused by what we think is expected of us rather than the reality and also by worrying about things that we don’t have the ability to change. It may be our inability to be realistic which puts us at risk. Feeling powerless, at school and in relationships, worry about exams and pressure from things happening at home all increase our stress levels.

Stress is a problem which feeds on itself and lowers a person’s ability to cope; stress can trigger depression and anxiety so it’s important to seek help as soon as possible to alleviate further tension.

Getting help

Exercise Physical exercise helps with stress a lot. Even a walk or a session at the gym can make your body release the chemical that relaxes you and cancels the stress chemical.
Not getting enough sleep can make us tired, which makes it more likely that we'll feel stressed. Getting a decent night of sleep can really sort out stress. Things like caffeine and cigarettes can make us more stressed by making us more awake, especially if they mean we get less sleep.
Are you getting enough sleep?
Family and Friends Being around friends, family and people we like can reduce our levels of stress, in the same way that being lonely can make us more stressed.
Although it's our body that makes adrenaline, it's our brain that tells it to do it. Changing how we think about things and trying to not worry about things too much can help to stop our bodies becoming stressed. If there are particular things that make us stressed we can try to change them. A lot of the time, those things will be things that we don't feel that we can change or which make us feel powerless.
Can you make a change?
Everyone has different levels of stress that they can cope with. It can help a lot to speak to someone that you trust if you feel like things are getting on top of you. A trusted adult will be able to help you to see what changes you can make to make things feel less stressful .